That’s a lot of throughput!

In the run up to Christmas we’re seeing lots of customers (old and new) running some pretty large tests to ensure that their platforms are ready for either a) the Christmas rush or b) their big New Year sales.

We’re in the process of running a project for one of these tests and hopefully in the coming weeks we’ll share some more specific details about it but for now I wanted to share the most significant headline number that we’ve seen so far.

This week we ran a test that managed to generate approximately 281,000 Page Impressions per Minute.  That’s a fair amount of throughput!  A quick (and dirty) extrapolation makes that nearly 17,000,000 Page Impressions per Hour!!

These were full page downloads, including all image / css and JS assets with full diagnostic capture (request / response header and html) on failed tests.  Nothing was spared!

In total we downloaded c. 162 GB, which is a lot of content.

Not only was this incredibly useful for the customer, but it also served to highlight a few limitations within our platform.  Some were quite minor (a few graphs weren’t properly displaying the large numbers correctly – a quick and cheap fix) and one was a little more expensive…  we need to buy some more memory for our injectors!  Both can (and shortly will) be overcome and the platform is ready for the next big(ger) test.

This was probably the biggest test that our new and improved load platform has seen so far, however I expect it to be beaten fairly shortly.

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