How to exclude NCC Group monitoring from Google Analytics

They just won’t leave it alone. Once again, Google have changed their Analytics interface, so just in case you’ve been left scratching your head, we thought we’d update our instructions on how to exclude NCC Group monitoring traffic from your Analytics account.

1: Navigate to the Google Analytics account from which you need to exclude our monitors.

2: Click on the Admin tab towards the top right.


3 (optional): Under VIEW, select Create new view from the drop-down on the right if you’d like to create an entirely new View for the new set of filters.


4: Again under VIEW, click on Filters to modify the filters in the selected View.


5: Click on + NEW FILTER


6: Once you’ve named your new Filter, select Custom Filter, Exclude and pick IP Address from the drop-down menu.


7: You’re nearly there. Before saving the filter, you need to enter the regular expressions for NCC Group’s monitoring IP ranges. Fortunately, you can get these from your monitoring account portal. Just navigate to Support > Service Information > IP Ranges. Click on the icon circled below to bring up the regular expressions you need for Google Analytics. You’ll need to repeat steps 5 and 6 several times, since you can enter only 255 characters for each filter.


And that’s it! Hopefully, you’ll find this easy enough to follow – until the next time the Google Analytics interface changes…

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