NCC Group’s Web Performance & Optimisation Day 2015

This year’s conference took place on 14 May at One America Square.

Below, you’ll find a selection of presentations and videos from the day.

You can also see what people were saying about the event on Twitter with the hashtag #NCCWP.

Slides and videos

Keynote 1: Breaking News at 1000ms

Patrick Hamann, The Guardian (@patrickhamann)

View the slides

Keynote 2: What Are Third-party Components Doing to Your Site’s Performance?

Andy Davies, Associate Director, NCC Group (@andydavies) &
Simon Hearne, Senior Technical Consultant, NCC Group (@simonhearne)

View the slides

Lightning Demo: New Features in Performance Analyser

Paul Bianciardi, Technical Solutions Architect, NCC Group (@PaulBWeb)

Lightning Demo of Synthetic and Real User Monitoring Solutions

Drew Post, Agile Product Owner, NCC Group (

Why Web Performance Is Important – and How a Lot of People Are Still Getting It Wrong

Ben Daniel, Professional Services Manager, NCC Group (@gwowders) &
Alex Painter, Professional Services Consultant, NCC Group (@alexrp)

Why Performance Matters from Ben Daniel

Common web performance recommendations from Alex Painter

Using Web Performance Data Creatively

Gareth Hughes, Senior Technical Consultant, NCC Group (@brassic_lint)

Lessons from Load Testing

Justin Allum,

View the slides

Internal Monitoring – Auto Trader’s Journey with Dozor

Dave Whyte, Auto Trader

View the slides

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