Browser updates and HTTP/2 support in Performance Analyser

Following the recent update to Performance Analyser’s user interface, we have now upgraded to newer versions of Firefox and Chrome, as well as enabled support for HTTP/2 (read more about HTTP/2 and ​its web performance implications).

Browser updates

Firefox in Performance Analyser has been upgraded to version 42, and Chrome has been upgraded to version 47.

Any jobs you have configured to run in Firefox and/or Chrome will automatically run in the updated browsers, so you don’t need to change anything.

HTTP/2 support

As part of this release, Performance Analyser now supports HTTP/2 for tests run in Firefox and Chrome (not Internet Explorer). If the website you are testing supports HTTP/2, the browser will automatically load the page with it.

You can tell that a page has loaded via HTTP/2 by drilling through to the request headers. You will notice that HTTP/2 is included in the request, along with the colon character in front of the newer HTTP/2 header fields:


If you have any feedback on these changes or any other aspect of Performance Analyser, please don’t hesitate to let us know by using the feedback tab on the right-hand side of the interface.


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