A huge upgrade to our monitoring app

How do you monitor your website’s performance and availability when you’re on the move?

If you’re using our monitoring service, there’s a good chance that you’re also using the free mobile app that comes with it. And you might have noticed some big improvements over the past few weeks.

All the improvements are a direct result of customer feedback, and we worked hard to make sure the most important changes were ready in time for the pre-Christmas peak, with a second set of updates the week after Black Friday.

If you haven’t used our mobile app before, now is a perfect time. It’s free to all Monitoring customers. Be reactive on the go with push notifications or quickly check monitor statuses when you’re away from your desk.

Here’s a round-up of what’s new:

Streaming manual tests

Running a manual test is no longer a one-way street. Triggering a manual test will now let you know if that test was run successfully or if another test is already running. We also stream the results back to you in real-time on the Monitors Overview page, just like on the desktop. Trigger a manual test on a user journey and watch the steps come back as the test run completes. We’ve also made it obvious when you’re looking at stale data from steps that haven’t run for one reason or another.


Performance and errors chart and recent test results

Site problems don’t always happen out of the blue and, now, with our Context Report, you can see the last four hours of performance and periods of error for a given Monitor. This is an incredibly easy way to get context for an error you’ve just been notified about or even just to check that things are still going OK after that big release or marketing campaign. We’ve also coupled this with a table of test results for the previous four hours. Tapping on a test result gives you full details for each test.


More error details

Reacting to errors is a key feature of the app and you can never go wrong by having more information. We’ve added more details about errors, such as the actual text missing where an expected phrase hasn’t been found, extra info for user journeys (such as the flight details used in the test for a travel site) and, for errors caused by failing objects, we include full details and URLs of those objects.



If you have diagnostics on your monitors, you’ll find they’re now enabled for problem objects. If you have a test that’s failed because of an object (or objects), you can now click the spanner to see the full diagnostics (including headers).


TouchID support for iOS, Fingerprint Authentication support for Android 6.0+ and SPASS for Samsung

Gone are the days of having to remember passwords and PINs. You can now use your fingerprint to access our mobile account. You literally have your (online) world at your fingertips! Supported on all iPhones with TouchID (5S or more recent), Android devices running Marshmallow 6.0 or greater and using Android’s native fingerprint support and on Samsung devices with fingerprint sensors.


This update is live in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store now, so get downloading and enjoy!




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