Get new insights from Performance Analyser with more frequent scheduling

Imagine you’re looking for detailed insight into how your website performs over a short period of time. Perhaps you’re making some changes to content or structure. Or perhaps you’d like to see how the user experience varies over the course of a promotion – or during a load test in advance of a promotion.

Synthetic monitoring gives you alerting and a reliable overview of how performance changes over time. Real user monitoring tells you about performance as it’s experienced by actual visitors.

But what if you’re looking for accurate, real-browser tests, complete with filmstrips, heatmaps and videos? Something to help you understand the experience your site delivers and pinpoint any performance bottlenecks?

This is what the latest update to Performance Analyser allows you to do, thanks to more granular scheduling.

Before now, the most frequent schedule you could set up was daily.

Now, you can schedule tests as frequently as every five minutes.

For convenience, we’ve added dropdown menus so you can select 5 to 30 minute intervals or 1 to 12 hour intervals.


As well as this, you can now set a schedule to run a test at any time. Previously, you were limited to running a test on the hour, or half past the hour, but now you can now be much more specific.


This change is just part of a wider release in which we’ve made a number of other updates and improvements.

In particular, scripted tests (that interact with a website in just the same way as an end user would) are now much more flexible and reliable across different browsers.

We’ve also made a variety of UI enhancements, thanks to customer feedback.

These include several improvements to the waterfall charts, such as including timing points at the top of the chart as well as the bottom (so you don’t need to scroll to the bottom of the chart every time you look at a waterfall):


There are also improvements to the Speed Analysis feature (which allows you to compare the results of several tests over time).

For example, we’ve added page size to the tooltip when hovering over a test result:


I’d like to thank all the customers whose feedback contributed to these enhancements. Please don’t hesitate to let us know about anything else you’d like to see in Performance Analyser.

If you haven’t used Performance Analyser before, you can sign up for a free trial here.


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