Launch of API v1.2

NCC Group Website Performance has today launched the new version of our monitoring data API.

We are pleased to announce that we now support automated management of your monitoring and alerting services. Through a simple API call you can now manage the monitoring and alerting status of all your monitors, this is ideal for integration with automated release mechanisms ensuring that alerts are not sent during that period.

To find out more, please take a look at the Data sheet, or contact Customer Support.

Reducing Page Download Times by Just a Few Seconds Saves Years of People’s Time


Reducing the amount of time it takes to download a web page, even by just a few seconds, can result in massive time savings over the period of a year.

For example:

bbc_logoThe BBC News Online website has over 5 million unique users per day.

If each visitor to the BBC’s site looked at 3 pages, that would result in 15 million page impressions per day.

Supposing we were able to reduce the overall page download time by just 2 seconds, it would mean a saving of over 30 million seconds per day. Over the period of a year that would give us the following results:

Yearly Page Impressions:
Seconds Saved:
Minutes Saved:
Hours Saved:
Days Saved:
Years Saved:


So by making a mere 2 seconds saving per page, the BBC gives us back over 347 years of life in one year !

If we looked at a typical e-commerce web site with 200,000 page impressions per day, the time-saving results of a 3 second saving are equally impressive.

Yearly Page Impressions:
Seconds Saved:
Minutes Saved:
Hours Saved:
Days Saved:
Years Saved:



A 3 second improvement would save 6.944 years of life, or to put it another way, enough time to boil over a million small-sized eggs, or watch 40,555 football matches.


Try it for yourself and find out how many years you can save!

NCC Group Web Performance Quarterly Online Retail Survey

The figures are in for the Christmas period and we’ve crunched them down for you in our quarterly online retail benchmark survey. This is the big one, as it covers Christmas and shows us how the UK’s top e-tailers coped with the peak buying season.

The news is good for the top 10, with an average downtime of just 6.5 minutes which is pretty impressive and means that they didn’t miss any customers. Combine that with an average download performance of 4.9 seconds and this means that the top 10 are obviously looking at their performance and it seems to be working!

Looking at the top 50, however, shows us that things are not all rosy; an average downtime of nearly two and a half hours means that sales will have been lost, even if customers were willing to wait a lengthy 6.4 seconds on average for pages!

Here at NCC Group Web Performance, we believe that performance sells, and the top 10 e-tailers are seeing our point of view but there’s still work to be done; we recommend a download speed of 3 seconds. They’re getting there.

You can read the full results here.