How we predicted an increase in conversions from a decrease in load times

One of the biggest challenges we share with our clients is proving the business value of web performance. While it’s logical that faster websites mean happier customers and more revenue, it can be hard to provide absolute proof.

We previously relied on publicly available case studies, a fantastic collection of which is available at WPO Stats.

Our Real User Monitoring (RUM) solution has a better answer: predicting the absolute business impact of faster web pages.
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How to find the third parties on your site


My customers often ask how a third party asset got on their site. A director of digital once told me that Facebook was not on their site, not at all.

I ran the homepage through WebPageTest and sure enough, there were a bunch of calls to various subdomains of Thankfully WebPageTest stores initiator, referer and redirect headers; so with a little work you can find out where these third-party calls come from. The director was correct, there were no calls to Facebook on their site. It was a third party creating fourth party calls to Facebook! This can have serious ramifications if the Facebook (or any other third-party call) affects customer experience. Radware explain this well in an article from 2011.

Trawling through the initiators and referers was a headache so I wrote a tool to do it:
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