Another step on the road

Paul Bianciardi

We’re about to release an update to our load/monitoring agent – the program that lies behind our core web performance services.

Normally, we issue these releases with the minimum of fuss and no fanfare. And, to be fair, many updates are pretty small, incremental affairs.

However, if you added together all our small, unheralded changes, you’d end up with something pretty substantial.

Here’s some insight into what went into our latest update:
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Nine months of hard work on something you’ll hopefully never notice

Simon Austin

In some ways, we’re like the people who keep the lights on or who make sure the supermarkets are stocked with food. We work very hard so that our customers can take the smooth-running of our services for granted. And as long as we do our job well, you’ll never notice the work that goes on behind the scenes to keep our systems as resilient and as reliable as possible.
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