A web performance win-win?

Web performance optimisation is like life. It’s full of difficult choices, compromises and trade-offs. If you opt for domain sharding, for example, you can download more resources in parallel. But you have to accept the performance hit from the additional DNS lookups.

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Glastonbury 2014 – unfair criticism for ticketing company?

It was all over the papers.

The rapid sell-out of tickets for Glastonbury 2014 – 120,000 in under an hour and a half – was a new record.

But that wasn’t the only headline.

Despite selling a vast number of tickets in a short period of time, ticketing company See Tickets came in for criticism. First, its system was, apparently, overwhelmed by demand in the first half hour. Irate customers were faced with a holding page while See Tickets apologised and promised to resolve ‘technical glitches’. Second, there was a fairly light-hearted Tweet about the advice the company was getting from IT consultants on Twitter, which got a number of angry responses.
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Four quick performance testing lessons

Our friends over at DevOpsGuys have posted up an interesting piece of research into ASP.Net session state provider performance that’s worth a read in its own right BUT it also highlights a number of issues about how Development teams build and performance test their web applications.

[slideshare id=24634904&doc=bestperformingasp-130725195011-phpapp02]

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