Free browser-based application to display data using the API

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Free browser-based application to display data using the API

Postby timdaish » Sat Jul 20, 2013 4:40 pm

I announce the availability of a small, browser-based application I have developed to present web site availability and performance monitoring information using the Monitoring API. Screenshots are available below.

This application is made freely available to all customers of NCC Group's monitoring service; users are encouraged to view a demo and then download, install, use and adapt the application code according to their own organisation's requirements and working practices.

The application provides a Non-Interactive Display of monitoring data pulled from the Monitoring API in XML format and polls for new data every 5 minutes. Note that each API call will count against your daily account limit. Customers with an existing application using the API should assess the risk of using this application simultaneously and adapt the application to use the data already retrieved and/or saved in a database. Users without an existing API application may find this application immediately beneficial.

This application has been designed as a front-of-office display that could easily run on a large, wall-mounted display in an ops./devt. centre. It provides a simple, easy-to-read and up-to-date summary of the availability and performance status of an organisation's web sites. A user or team may easily observe the status of pages, user journeys and web services being monitored and view the severity of any open errors. It is recommended that users enable the optional filter to display the information on a "Report By Exception" basis. Additionally, a few gauges have been added to demonstrate alternate ways of displaying critical monitoring and error information. Note that usage is session-based; both login and account selection will be required each time the application is initiated.

You may view a demo as below, but it is highly recommended that you download a copy of the application and adapt the web page code (HTML 5 canvas, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, XML and PHP) for your own organisation's use. The application can be simply installed on a web server (PHP v5.3+ and cURL required) and used without further configuration. Please consider this application as a Proof-of-Concept and as an aid to understanding how the API may be used. Although the application is not guaranteed to be bug-free, it has been deployed on several web servers and successfully used by multiple people.

The displayed data does not link to any part of the NCC Group's monitoring portal. This application is independent of, and does not replace any existing monitoring solution or application offered by NCC Group Web Performance; it complements the NCC Group's Monitoring Portal and Interactive Display by providing information in an alternative format.

View a live-demo at:

Download the source from my GitHub repository: Please read the associated 'readme' file for further information.

Fig1: the login screen: enter username and password, 'get accounts', select 1 or more accounts and then 'view data'

Fig2: display of all pages, user journeys and web services colour-coded by severity

Fig3: display with 'Report By Exception' filter set ON (green "Site OKs" not displayed)

Fig4: closeup view of the severity count summary, with LEDs indicating poll and error status

Fig5: closeup view of the SteelSeries JavaScript Gauges used to visualize download time and error status summary information
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