Don’t forget to optimise and test your site before Black Friday

What’s your Black Friday website going to look like? Will it be as fast as the current version? Will it be as resilient? What will happen when large numbers of customers, hungry for a bargain, start responding to your promotions?

In the rush to get Black Friday promotions ready in time, it’s easy to overlook something that most organisations take for granted for the rest of the year: that the website will work.

If this is something you haven’t addressed yet, it’s not (quite) too late.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re open for business when it matters most.
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Gearing up for a busy period? Here are a few updates and releases that might help.

BlackFri2Many of our customers are putting in a lot of extra hours as they prepare for their busiest time of year. Load testing and capacity planning are the order of the day. As always, we’re happy to be playing our part in making sure you can make the most of your peak periods – that you don’t suffer any slowdowns or outages, and that your monitoring is all set up to give you timely and accurate alerts.

However, this year, we’ve made a point of doing a bit more. We’ve made a concerted effort to prioritise the release of those new products and services that we think will be most useful in the run-up to peak periods.

Here are just a few of the ways we anticipate some of our customers using them…
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