The latest addition to our new monitoring portal – Google Analytics overlay

The new user interface for our monitoring service is rapidly heading towards completion. We’re nearing feature parity with the existing interface, and we’re adding plenty of new things too.

To access the new version, simply click on the test tube icon next to your monitoring account name (under “Portal v8 Beta”):


In the latest release, we’ve made it possible for you to overlay Google Analytics data on three reports: Speed vs Time (Component), Speed vs Time (Severity) and Speed vs Time Object (Component).
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5 simple rules to decide what to monitor externally

“What URL’s or user journeys should I monitor for my website(s)?” This is a question we regularly get asked by customers when they are looking to sign-up for our external monitoring services.

The answer depends on a number of factors so we thought we’d share some of the rules we use to help customers decide what’s “mission critical” for their monitoring needs.
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