Exciting new ideas from the web performance hackathon

What’s the best way to get your team to develop new, innovative solutions?

A few years ago, we started running regular hackathons – intensive two-day events during which developers race against the clock to build new products (or extend existing ones) to solve a given web performance problem.

Recently, we decided to do more to harness all the talent in the office, and we widened the net, inviting representatives from every department in the web performance division, from customer support to sales.

We weren’t disappointed with the result, and the hackathon we ran this January yielded some of the most original ideas we’ve seen to date.

Here’s a quick round-up of what they came up with…
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The web performance hackathon – January 2016

Every so often, we like to give our brightest minds a break from the day-to-day and ask them to show off their creative and development talents on some brand new ideas in a hackathon.

They have just two days to come up with working proofs of concept on a certain theme, and the latest hackathon, held in January this year, was all about integrating data from different sources.

Here’s a brief summary of what some of the teams were able to achieve.
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The web performance Summer Hackathon 2015


Back in January, we reported on the web performance hackathon we held late last year. It was a chance for our developers (and others) to unleash their creativity outside their normal working environment. By the end of it, we had not just a number of great concepts, but also some full, working solutions, including a way to get Performance Analyser working with continuous integration solutions such as Jenkins and Team City.

It was so successful that we decided to run another hackathon this summer. It was held on 22–23 July and this time, the theme was data insights.
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