Ten things every marketer should know about web performance no. 4: How testing can harm sales

A major retailer recently removed an A/B testing service from its website. Average load time improved by nine per cent. Conversions rose by ten per cent. Bounce rate also improved by four per cent, and engagement (measured by pages per session) increased by two per cent.
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NCC Group’s Web Performance & Optimisation conference – a round-up

Every year, we invite customers to an event that’s dedicated to learning how to make the web faster. This year, the conference took place in London on 14 May, and we were fortunate to have around 100 delegates, plus a number of excellent speakers.
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NCC Group’s Web Performance & Optimisation Day 2015

This year’s conference took place on 14 May at One America Square.

Below, you’ll find a selection of presentations and videos from the day.

You can also see what people were saying about the event on Twitter with the hashtag #NCCWP.
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