Exciting new ideas from the web performance hackathon

What’s the best way to get your team to develop new, innovative solutions?

A few years ago, we started running regular hackathons – intensive two-day events during which developers race against the clock to build new products (or extend existing ones) to solve a given web performance problem.

Recently, we decided to do more to harness all the talent in the office, and we widened the net, inviting representatives from every department in the web performance division, from customer support to sales.

We weren’t disappointed with the result, and the hackathon we ran this January yielded some of the most original ideas we’ve seen to date.

Here’s a quick round-up of what they came up with…
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Get new insights from Performance Analyser with more frequent scheduling

Imagine you’re looking for detailed insight into how your website performs over a short period of time. Perhaps you’re making some changes to content or structure. Or perhaps you’d like to see how the user experience varies over the course of a promotion – or during a load test in advance of a promotion.

Synthetic monitoring gives you alerting and a reliable overview of how performance changes over time. Real user monitoring tells you about performance as it’s experienced by actual visitors.

But what if you’re looking for accurate, real-browser tests, complete with filmstrips, heatmaps and videos? Something to help you understand the experience your site delivers and pinpoint any performance bottlenecks?

This is what the latest update to Performance Analyser allows you to do, thanks to more granular scheduling.
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Top five web performance mistakes

What makes websites slow?

We spend a lot of time helping organisations find the performance bottlenecks on their websites. And often, it’s the simple things. They’re not always quick and easy to fix, but most are avoidable. We thought we’d share some of the most common issues we come across, along with some straightforward advice to help you steer clear of them.
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