How a faster website keeps visitors more engaged

Our data scientists spend a lot of time trawling through Real User Monitoring (RUM) data. They’re particularly interested in finding useful correlations that we can turn into automatically generated reports. The aim is to make the most useful information easily discoverable.

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Could you be barring millions of shoppers from your website?

Most retailers wouldn’t open a store in a location so inaccessible that it could be reached only by people with top-of-the-range 4×4 vehicles.

But this is effectively what some retailers are doing to potential customers online.

The reason?

A lot of websites are a lot slower on certain mobile devices. What works on one smartphone could be all but unusable on another.

And we’re not just talking about 10-year old smartphones.

Even up-to-date devices – particularly lower-end Android devices – aren’t really able to cope with many of today’s ecommerce websites.
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