Filtering Site Confidence monitoring stats using Google Analytics

Many of you use Google Analytics and we regularly get asked how to remove the Site Confidence monitoring tests from your results – particularly now that the latest Site Confidence agent is executing JavaScript by default.
I therefore thought it might be beneficial to provide a quick step-by-step guide, showing how quick and painless the task can be!
Step 1) Open Your Google Analytics portal and Edit the Profile on which you want to add the exclusion.
Step 2) Select Add Filter from Filters Applied to Profile.
Step 3) Select Custom filter.


At this point you’ll need to fill in a few pieces of information.  Firstly, you’ll need to give your filter a name.  Then select Visitor IP Address from the Filter Field drop-down.
Finally, you’ll need to enter the Filter Pattern.  These Regular Expression (Regex) patterns can be retrieved through the monitoring portal (Support -> Service Information -> IP Ranges).   

Note you will need to split the regex string as Google Analytics will only accept a maximum string length of 255 characters.  The Regex expressions are separated with a “|” in the portal, so as long as the expression starts with a “^” and ends with a “$” you’ll be fine.

And that’s it!  Save Changes and you’re all done.