Be prepared – what to do when a big part of the Internet goes down

As you might have heard, storage servers belonging to a well-known cloud computing services provider were down for a time on 28 February. Given its popularity, it wasn’t surprising that this affected a large number of websites.

Of course, these things happen from time to time. We’ve got so used to the Internet being so reliable that big outages inevitably hit the headlines, but they remain something we have to be prepared for.

And that’s the point. The infrastructure on which your website depends is always at risk.

So the question becomes ‘what can you do to mitigate that risk?’
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How did Britain’s top retail sites cope with Black Friday?

So, Black Friday came and went. And, for the most part, Britain’s online retailers can breathe a collective sigh of relief. Despite surges in visitor numbers for many of the big players, meticulous capacity planning and traffic management appear to have paid off, and most have emerged with revenue and reputation unscathed. We’re pleased to have helped a number of them with load testing and performance optimisation in preparation for the big day.
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